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Signatures for Reinstate "The Dirty Cowboy" back into Annville_Cleona Schools

ID First Name Last Name Comments Do you live, work, or pay taxes within the A-C School District? Yes or No
3 TriciaDavies Please don't ban this book!!! We are on a very slippery slope when we let the school board decide what books they think are appropriate - if there is an issue with the book, put a vote to the parents. Yes
4 DeeNeff Banning books is an embarrassment. Yes
5 JeremyLong The decision by this school board makes me ashamed to be an A-C alum. yes
6 TimFlynn I am disappointed that the A-C school board would bow to the pressure of one person's opinion, despite the overwhelming public opinion to allow children access to this wonderful book. Yes
7 LauraEldred This decision is ridiculous. It doesn't actually show *anything*! Yes
8 aliciamatters I am ashamed to be a resident of this school district. How dare one small-minded parent and 7 equally small minded board members ban an award winning book with a great story. I vote, and will NOT be voting for anyone on this board again. yes
9 RyanUlrich The A-C School Board members exercised extremely poor judgment in their decision to ban this book. I expect better of those responsible for educating my children. Yes
10 DonnaSchultz Leave it up to the parents to decide. yes
11 JenniferDesrochers I no longer live in the Annville-Cleona School District, but I did many years ago. This book needs to be reinstated into their libraries. Thank you! no
12 sarahsmith This is horrible. I cannot believe that 8 people have the power to censor an innocent children's book. Yes
13 DarleneBosworth   yes
14 janellewengert Thank you to all that sign. The minority should not make school district policy. Yes
15 RebeccaHearsey   Yes
16 PaulFullmer   Yes
17 JonathanVila   No
18 JoDeeSpeck Dirty children always get baths and they are always naked to do it! Yes
19 TerryLongenecker We had all better pay attention to what is going on here, as the people of Germany Did Not, until it was Too Late!!!!! yea
20 AnitaMentzer The objections of one parent should not determine what all of the other students can read...especially when the book has won a Parent's Choice Award. yes
21 JennyEnglehart   Yes
22 GaryJacabella   Yes
23 ShurreeWebber There are more important issues that the school board should be focusing on. It should be reinstated. All body parts where covered which could also represent that you should not show them in public. yes
24 BernieJacabella   Yes
25 KimberlyUlrich   YES
26 MariaSholly   yes
27 RichardUlrich   YES
28 BettyKindt   Yes
29 MarjorieKirchner I've known Anita Mentzer since my boys started school here, and there is no way she would let anything CLOSE to unacceptable in her library. I have always trusted her to choose great books for my boys, and I believe her when she says that The Dirty Cowboy Yes
30 IdaEckert   No
31 DeirdreStalnecker   no
32 TeresaCandori I am a graduate of A-C schools and I am mortified by the board's action. no
33 SusanGardner   Yes
34 KyjaTruax I graduated from ACHS and my mother still lives in the district. I am disgusted by the decision to ban this book and am no longer proud to be an alum. You have taken a prize winning book away from your students and disgraced the Dutchman name. no
35 susansweigart   Yes
36 KayCampbell Banning books is the practice of tyrants. Parents should make individual choices about their own child's choice of reading material. Similarly, a certified librarian chooses books for a wide variety of reading choices.  
37 JonFetter Ac Alumni 1984 No
38 jenbixler   yes
39 LoriWeimer   yes
40 DianeGuscott Bring back this wonderful book! No Book Banning! Yes
41 AbbyZirpola   yes
42 KimSchaeffer   Yes
43 LauraBlauch As an A-C alum and an educator, I am disappointed and embarrassed at the decision to ban this book. This sends the message that the board has no confidence in its certified staff to make decisions regarding the appropriateness of a literary work. No
44 RoniShay Grant The decision to offer a book in the library should be left to the librarian who was hired for that purpose. It is up to the parents to decide if their child can read it. No
45 StaciWisniewski   yes
46 BethLoose   yes
47 AngieForry it should be up to the parents. no
48 SusanAchenbach This award winning book was banned on the recommendation of one parent. Wow, what's next? I don't think I want to know. We seriously need to do something about the A-C School Board. That's enough!! Yes
49 HelenPapeika   Yes
50 LynneKonan I don't agree with banning books. The pictures are cute and will keep kids guessing as to what will be used next to hide his nakedness. It's a fun book, nothing obscene about it. Yes
51 JenniferRenz   no
52 MargaretBowman Ashamed to be an AC alumna, class of '75. yes
53 JohnWengert    
54 erikaepler    
55 BobEpler banning books is just crazy! And all because of ONE parent! It would be nice if this is how the real world worked. One person protesting something and it immediately being banned/changed or outlawed! Just plain ridiculous! yes
56 NancyFitzgerald   Yes
57 jameslentini   yes
58 DanMorick I'd rather not have my dear alma mater considered laughing stock. no
59 SeanDavies It's 2012 school board! Maybe it is time that you all go! You are very closed minded. Yes
60 RachelVan Orden Banning a book because of the closed-mindedness of one parent shows the true cowardliness of the Annville-Cleona School Board. This act makes me even more ashamed to be a graduate of such a backwards school district. Yes
61 PAMELAGOODMAN Banning/removing this book due to ONE parents request is ridiculous! There is nothing in this book that should warrant the book being removed from the shelf! I hope EVERY elementary parent purchases this book and sends it to school with their kids! I am a graduate
62 ruthmillet former graduate of ACHS no
63 MichaelSinger Last time I checked this was America. Not Nazi Germany! yes
64 ElaineZapata   Yes
65 MikeMerry One parent's views should not prevent other children from enjoying literature. Yes
66 MaryFoltz   Yes
67 MelissaHalvin Let the educators do their job. They are more than qualified. don t ban the book and don t be so sensitive!!! No
68 LoriTomazin   Yes
69 MelissaVanover   No
70 JerryTaulbee I'm a proud alumnus of ACHS (class of 1970). This business of banning books is embarrassing and absolutely must stop. This is America, not Nazi Germany! No
71 LisaYeager   yes
72 TammyKohl   No
73 Mary AnnCharles   No
74 KarenUnger As a member of the ACHS class of 1973 AND a member of the Single Action Shooting Society, please return this book to the shelves where it belongs. One set of parents does not have the right to decide for all the other parents and their children! no
75 JaneForney Tschudy must dictate to the members how they are supposed to vote - how else could all the recent votes be unanimous . . . think about it Please reinstate Dirty Cowboy! YES
76 TamahFoltz Wicke    
77 LindaMiller Parents should make their own choices as to the books their kids read. yes
78 StephanieBurris   Yes
79 KellyLaird   no
80 BrianShertzer If parents would start being parents, and not "buddies" with their children this would not be an issue. I say we just ban the parents that have an issue with this book instead. yes
81 HelenTraglia I implicitly trust Anita Mentzer to do her job, she is the expert. The real question for me is why is the administration and the board ignoring that? Shame on you all for caving to one persons fear. yes yes yes
82 CoryMarshall   Yes
83 NicolleHoude   yes
84 ScottShay A-C Class of '85 here. Please stop embarrassing our city and school in front of the entire country. A-C is better than that. No longer
85 MarleneLeach   Yes
86 MaryGareis   No
87 AnnKottner Pornography refers specifically to sexual acts and situations. One patron's discomfort with nude bodies does not pornography make. And as an educator, I feel strongly that no book should ever be banned. no
88 BarbBittner Why do two parents get to decide what all the kids in these schools can read? Ridiculous. No
89 PhyllisRickard I am a librarian. This is a delightful book! Do not let one parent spoil it for so many. If they don't want their child to read it, they deal with that in their own home. You have allowed them to tell you what YOU can read. No
90 DebbieAden It's a parent's right to tell their children what they don't want to read. It's not their right to tell my child what they can't read. No
91 KarenAlonzo   Yes
92 TabathaSolinsky I don't believe in the banning of books. There is no reason for this book not to be in a school library. no
93 KarenHartman Can we keep Catcher in the Rye? yes
94 AnnPorter   No
95 erinquintana   yes
96 AnnEvans    
97 Mary AliceRobinson Seriously, pornography? Looks like a great book. Some of these folks banning such things must have pornography on their own minds. no
98 JenniferByrkit It is time to stop banning books! No
99 DonnaCarlson What a shame that one parent can turn an innocent story and illustrations into something "dirty"...This school board shows no faith in its professional staff. Where is the mind of that parent to see smut in this book? no
100 ReganSowers I bought this book for my kids when it first came out. There are no 'dirty' pictures, unless you have a problem with implied things. Guess what? Under my clothes, I'm naked. No