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Signatures for Reinstate "The Dirty Cowboy" back into Annville_Cleona Schools

ID First Name Last Name Comments Do you live, work, or pay taxes within the A-C School District? Yes or No
101 HeatherKelley   No
102 AllegraJohnson   Yes
103 JodiPendarvis The objections of the few should not determine what everyone else can and cannot read. Parents have the right to make decisions for their own children, not everyone else's. I'm appalled. No
104 SamanthaGettler   yes
105 DevanyLe Drew   yes
106 RobLeDrew It is ridiculous that one family gets to set the policy for an entire school district. What message are you teaching children? Nudity is obscene? Should we take baths with our clothes on now? Yes
107 JudyFalzon   No
108 LauraAcosta Banning books goes against all that librarians stand for. It is up to each individual child (with their parents approval) to decide what books they want to read. It is called Intellectual Freedom for all! NO, thankfully
109 RoseDiebus Kolonauski   No
110 CrystalLeibowitz Who sees bath time as pornographic? Banning books is bad enough, let alone banning them for COMPLETELY ridiculous reasons like this. No
111 derekflynn    
112 GailForbes The school district should have a written policy to follow for censorship of written materials. My question is did either the parents who objected to the book follow that policy and did the board follow their obligations under that policy? No
113 JessieGreen This decision was an embarrassment to the entire region. Stop being fearful of a small vocal minority! No
114 KatiePapeika   Yes
115 RobertSmith   Yes
116 KellyKeenan   Yes
117 DebraShuey Graduate A-C, 1970. Appalled at the removal of this book. "Tyranny of the minority" to quote a blog. no
118 SarahSmith   No
119 AmyGross   yes
120 MichelleHawk   No
121 MelissaKizior Freedom to read is a must in a democratic society. No
122 JustinHelms    
123 SusanMoyer Banning this book is ridiculous. What's next, "Winnie The Pooh"? He has no pants on! no
124 GinaMessenger   yes
125 LisaHarris   No
126 MarkusHarris I live in Lancaster,PA and am appalled by the ridiculous sense of arrogant self-entitlement shown by those who have decided to ban a children's book because it contains illustrations of a covered, though technically unclothed human body. No
127 GaryGates Books educate. To ban a book is to attack education. No.
128 LynnFackler   Yes
129 JanetLasher My husband & I, as well as our 2 daughters, are AC alum and we have 3 grandchildren currently attending AC. The school board's focus should be on educating students, not parenting them. Yes
130 StacieGingrich   no
131 RachelSmith   No
132 AlleciaImboden Reinstate Amy's book! It's the right thing to do. I viewed the photos, there is nothing wrong with them.  
133 WilliamStephens My mother is Patricia Stephens, and I told her to her face that I was ASHAMED of her decision to vote to ban this book. I oppose the banning of any book, as it is a throwback to Nazi Germany. Yes
134 michelebolden They need to bring this book back to the schools. One parent doesn't like it, well what is he/she going to do when the kid gets older an has sex ed, stop that class to. Give me a break.  
135 CharlotteCrater Reinstate!! No
136 rebeccachmiel Quit yer bitchin! no
137 JillFelker As an AC alumnus, I am completely embarrassed that my alma mater banned this book. “Censorship denies our freedom as individuals to choose and think for ourselves." ~Roberta Stevens (Former President of the American Library Association)  
138 KadieBower   Yes
139 JeanZaun shame on the Annville-Cleona school board ....they all need to be replaced No
140 HenryMartin This should never have happened in the first place. If we allow one set of parents to dictate what goes on where will it ever end??? Yes
141 CraigSnyder   No
142 BoniBowman   no
144 JimTroutman   no
145 MaryKopala   no
146 ReedDixon Annville / Cleona, not surprised ay all. No
147 ShaunaYorty   no
148 MelissaCortright-Newmaster I am not a graduate of or a resident in the AC school district. However I do live in Lebanon county and this bomb has fallen too close to home. I am saddened and disturbed by the AC school board and the parent's who forced their opinion on everyone. No
149 LindsayKumiega   No
150 ShannonSims    
151 RobinKleckner    
152 JanetteNee Alumni No
153 AmySetlock   yes
154 NatalieDuvall   Yes
155 MattDuvall Don't ban books! (Especially children's picture books.) Yes
156 TomBell   No
157 JonathanBell   No
158 KandiceKerwin   Yes
159 MeganKerwin   Yes
160 TriciaMcLister As a former employee of AC, I was always proud to think we put all of our students first. If you start dictating what children can read, then what's next? What they can think? Teach children to be independent thinkers-let them and their OWN parents choose  
161 ToddRichwine Banning literature is wrong. What's next, a community book burning event? NO
162 JasonMajka   No
163 NancyHowe Especially in educational settings, literary works should be available...for critique, analysis, discussion, etc.  
164 ScottGilbert   No
165 AmandaGerberich   Yes
166 JennyRyder No books should ever be banned. no
167 JillBecker   Yes
168 MarijeanSahyouni I can't believe this is even an issue. There are more important things to be petitioning for. No
169 JudiLentz   No
170 MichelleConnor   yes
171 SandyPeck I graduated from the Annville Cleona School District. This is a crock. Parents are wise to be concerned on what their children read, but for the school board to agree with only 1-2 parents to ban a book without giving other feedback is not right. NO
172 TeresaCochran As an alumnus of ACHS, I am ashamed that such narrowminded people are running this school.It's scary that a few (in this case, one set of parents) are allowed to make the decisions for all the parents and students in the district. No
173 LindaKimball Re-instate! The book is delightful, age appropriate and INNOCENTLY illustrated! No
174 JessicaJohnston   Yes
175 LeeLangill   no
176 AmyGerberich   Yes
177 RyanClements    
178 ElizabethHawes   no
179 SusieCohen   No
180 ElliottFackler   Yes
181 SueStruphar   Yes
182 ChristineBritton    
183 DakotaTrace This saddens me. Kids between 4-8, which the book is recommended for aren't going to be thinking about sex when they read this book. They are more likely to giggle because the cowboy is running around naked trying to get his clothes back. No
184 BrentKaylor This was a big mistake. Correct it. Are there other books that have been banned in the past and should be reviewed for reinstatement, also? Yes
185 JulieKaylor   Yes
186 AaronHanley Looking forward to the next School Board elections. Yes (and I used to be proud of that)
187 JenniferHackett   no
188 DanBrickley    
189 DouglasLotz   No
190 TomGingrich I see NO reason why this book should have been taken out of the Annville Cleona Elementary Libraries ! YES
191 TomIsrael As an elementary school teacher for 40 years, I was really angry to see Annville School Board's decision on this matter. The only "good" it accomplished was making the book more popular and visible than ever! Yes
192 VickiGingrich This book NEEDS to be placed BACK on the shelves of both Annville-Cleona elementary libraries as soon as possible! YES
193 RebeccaBaldwin Thank you for setting up this petition.The majority of The majority Annville-Cleona residents do not agree with this book being banned.Our school board has embarrassed this community.We are smarter than this,but apparently our school board is not. Yes
194 ShannonKirby   No
195 DevinGingrich ACHS Class of 98 No
196 LoisSmith    
197 SueWolf ACHS alum. no
198 JoeyAlfano   yes
199 SusanDuncanson I can't imagine banning such a delightful book as this -- Yes
200 RachelNoll Have already written a letter to the editor of the Lebanon Daily News denouncing this ridiculous decision. Also dislike the anonymity of the parents objecting. Yes