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Signatures for Reinstate "The Dirty Cowboy" back into Annville_Cleona Schools

ID First Name Last Name Comments Do you live, work, or pay taxes within the A-C School District? Yes or No
201 AaronGingrich Get it together Annville Cleona. Jesus. No
202 BrandiLentz    
203 lisa & loucaputzal Thank you Michelle for starting this petition. Shame on the current AC board. Michelle, you have our votes for school board should you decide to run ! yes
204 BethBrandt I heartily affix my signature to this proper petition. My grandchildren too did not react to the cowboy's nakedness, but loved the interaction between the cowboy and his dog. They laughed out loud at the tussle. Thank you for this initiative. yes
205 JamieWelebob Craven    
206 andreagonzalezallie   yes
207 jamesmorick   yes, yes, and yes
208 KathleenLeedy How spineless are we when the puritanical views of a few dictate the reading material available for the many? And since when is taking one's clothes off(which I believe is the choice most of us make when bathing)a motivation to view pornography? Grow up! No. I am in the neighboring district.
209 Scott W.Krause   YES
210 JeremiahRoeder   no
211 JimSnyder A very egregious decision on the school boards part... No
212 StephanieKaylor   no
213 CindySwisher I applaud your effort! NO
214 JosephAnderson   No
215 denise & kensmith   yes
216 JamesSeltzer I find it unfathomable that there can exist in the 21st century a school board comprised of people so mindless as to ban this delightful and perfectly harmless book. Just as books can be removed from libraries, school board members can also be removed. Yes
217 TanyaRichter Disgraceful that so many members of the Annville-Cleona School Board yielded to the ignorance of a few. My family does not want these people deciding what can be read. To find this book objectionable indicates a sick, warped mind. yes
218 PatriciaSteely Please reinstate the book in the Library. The book is adorable and fun to read to children. It is NOT pornographic! Parents can choose if they think the book is appropriate or not. Some giggles relating to the Human Body are quite appropriate.  
219 SallyPulice   Yes
220 MadisonKrause It's embarrassing to attend a school that banned such an innocent book and made national news by doing so. Yes
221 andriafolk    
222 ConnieBlauch I think it's a jump to say that pictures of someone bathing lead to pornography. This was a hasty decision that I hope the board will reverse. Yes
223 TimRittle   Yes
224 TroyGarman   No, did previously
225 Doris JeanSilva I intend to buy this book for my grandchildren. To think that the board and some teachers were able to banish this book on one parent's opinion is ridiculous.That is certainly not a democracy. Terrible that this was done. Yes to all of the questions
226 ElizabethKrause   Yes
227 brandonstoothoff   yes
228 denawoellfing   yes
229 ToniMehaffey   No
230 KimberlyKreider Umble Banning books is wrong. Period. Please reinstate it! yes
231 BeckyFullmer The book isn't teaching children anything innappropriate, nor should it be disturbing to an adult. It's simply a silly scenario, & it is disturbing to me that any more would be thought of it. Is "The Emperor's New Clothes" going to be banned next? Yes
232 kerryconnell Please reinstate this book and allow me to be proud---not ashamed---of my alma mater. no
233 BrianBarth   No
234 DavidKaylor   Yes
235 BarbaraKaylor   yes
236 LindaHoffer Don't we all get dirty and take baths? What is so objectionable? I respect a parent's choice to decide what is appropriate for their child, but not the entire school community. yes
237 LisaDibbern Every book has a right to be read by any FREE individual. no
238 TimWhite If we want to see this reversed, we must craft well-reasoned, logical arguments. Let's do this right and make sure we're organized. Yes
239 VictoriaReyz   no
240 SharonSchwarz   Yes
241 RachelBarbour Banning this book was the most ridiculous and backward thing I've ever heard of. My kids enjoyed this book and they (shock) were not harmed at all!!)I hope saner and smarter heads will prevail and that the book will be reshelved! No
242 JohnRose   yes
243 bethschwarz   yes
244 RuthKrebs Censorship is not what we do! Yes
245 JohnGibble Excellent award-winning book, Rockwell-type paintings! One person/family's "objection" is now denying MANY children access to a treasure because eight others would not stand up for freedom of the press! No
246 JennySchwartzberg   No
247 TeriTalpe   No
248 BrianBurke What ridiculous censorship by a school board at the urging of one parent......bring the book back. It is 'The Dirty Cowboy" last month which book will it be this month and next month ?? Yes
249 JonHarwick   Yes
250 EdwardSullivan There is absolutely no justification for banning this book from the libraries of the district's elementary school.  
251 DeniseThomas   no
252 AlbaTuninetti   No
253 JimboLamb This is such a great book! I highly enjoyed reading it. Yes
254 DeannaDodson I have two sons in the Annville-Cleona school district and an very concerned about this decision. This book contains nothing that justifies such an outrageous decision. I encourage the school board to reconsider its decision. Yes
255 jeffdillon   NO
256 MaryReading Wow. Shame on you school district! No
257 EdieLingle Pulling this book from the library was completely absurd. no
258 MarcBreckenmaker The current board wont get my vote when their terms are up. Yes
259 DavidFox PA: Philadelphia on one end, Pittsburgh on the other, and Alabama in the middle. I see we are dealing with the Bigot Belt. No
260 LloydBuchter The parents should be the ones to decide what their children can read or not read. This is not the job of the school no
261 MichaelSwauger   No
262 PatJornov If a parent does not want their child to read a book, then you don't let them read it. No
263 LindaScott As a former librarian I have run into this before and I have always fought censorship. Thank you to those who oppose any type of censorship! No
264 MikeStanilla After seeing the school board ban this book for no reason it makes me sad to say that I graduated from AC. No, in a neighboring district
265 CharelleBryant Hello? First amendment? Anyone? Yes
266 hollydolan   yes: live, work and parent
267 BradErb   no
268 KaitlynCray   No
269 DannyWareham It is ludicrous to imagine that our schools teach about the Constitution, yet seem to do their best to "spit in the face of it" at every chance they get. Unfortunately, not much imagination is required since this happens all to often. Yes
270 JennyWareham   Yes
271 JordanWenger Step down Tshudy, no one likes you!!! Yes.
272 KimberlyHouser Very disappointed in my chosen hometown school board. yes
273 ShannonMavica As a librarian, I support putting this book back into Annville-Cleona's school library. If parents do not want their children to read it, they should guide them to another choice. But certainly it should be made available to those who wish to read it. no
274 LAmbrose Purchased the book, shared it with friends, plan to enjoy it with the grandchildren. The school board was remiss in even considering this request let alone acting on it! no
275 AmyO'Connor Education is meant to open our minds to worlds, experiences, cultures, and opinions that we do not know or understand. If certain parents do not want their child to read this book that is their right, but they do not have the right to prohibit others. No
276 NinaDarley I am horrified by the banning of this material. It clearly demonstrates the importance of good hygiene to children. The library offers choices to patron, if you choose not to read this book - fine. But you have no right to make that decision for others. no
277 KrystalRullo Banning books is an embarrassment. You should not have banned this book b/c of ONE parent. That parent should just have told their child they are not allowed to read it. Let the other kids enjoy it! yes
278 CaroleighHeaton An adorable book that will make kids want to take baths - what's wrong with that? If a parent objects to a particular book, he should guide his child to other books; he should not have the power to restrict other children's right to read. No
279 KTAltman I would have been delighted to have my children read this charming book. From the logic here, I suppose a children's book about Adam and Eve would also be banned.... No
280 DaleCrighton Unbelievable to think people acctually think this is "obscenity, absolute obscenityā€¯.  
281 FrankDull   No
282 AlexanderDaum   No
283 PaulWhitten What an absolute joke. If they don't like the book, then don't check it out. I hate it when close-minded people think they can run the world. Those who know the least say it the loudest! No
284 LenaMangold Are you kidding me?? Simple nudity is now sinful? Way to raise those kids to be as oppressed and miserable as you seem to be, school board members! P.S. - You were born naked into this world and without sin. AT THE SAME TIME!! No, thank goodness.
285 ToddSnovel I belive in ensuring the availability of all viewpoints for all who wish to read and access them. YES
286 JohnBartolotta   No
287 angiHolbrook This is really a stupid decision to ban a innocent book written for children its not hard core porn people ,They probally are exposed to worse online. I have read this book to all 4 of my children its was a funny book they they liked to read at bath time no
288 KarenAlbright   no
289 DavidGoldfarb Censorship is never okay, but this book is just about as least offensive as it could be. No
290 SueVoigt   no
291 SteveRoach   Yes
292 AndyRichardson When my grandfather told the tale to Amy and I, what fascinated me about the story was how the dog (a species renowned for accurately judging good/bad character) was thrown off by the cleansing effects of a river and bar of soap. Know what makes you you!  
293 AnnieRoach   yes
294 MichaelClark As a school librarian this is appalling. As someone whose parents and eight other aunts and uncles graduated from Annville-Cleona I know of the schools to have a long history of excellence, but this just makes it a laughing stock of the USA. No, but family members do.
295 DeborahOverstreet   No, thank heavens.
296 JohnPeters   no
297 RoxaneWilson   No
298 CynthiaMcDermott A lovely story with a lovely moral response. How can you be do foolish to ban this. As a former Pennsylvanian and now a professor who teaches children's literature, I am ashamed at your actions. This is not a communist country.  
299 KristalRada   no
300 TerriCarpenter   No