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Signatures for Reinstate "The Dirty Cowboy" back into Annville_Cleona Schools

ID First Name Last Name Comments Do you live, work, or pay taxes within the A-C School District? Yes or No
301 SharronMcElmeel As librarian, book reviewer, mother, grandparent - I say, "Really" - Do you allow the children in your district to watch television, play in the neighborhood? This book if clever, humorous, and unoffensive. no
302 KathleenKeirn   no
303 kerrymockler   no
304 KayVandergrift As one who taught children's literature to many PA teachers and librarians at Rutgers & Columbia Univs., I find this both shameful and shortsighted. No, Thank goodness!
305 EllenJampole This is a wonderful story, with excellent illustrations. There is nothing in the book that would harm children or lead them astray. no
306 SheilaWelch   No
307 EllenFockler A parent has the right to restrict what her children read, even though I may not agree with them. But no parent has the right to restrict what other children read by demanding the removal of a book without proper review. The Dirty Cowboy should stay. No
308 SharonLawler    
309 AnnePhillips   No.
310 JacquilynWeeks    
311 ConnieIlmer This looks so silly to the rest of the world. Shame on the School Board. no
312 PhillisGershator As a former children's book librarian, I find it offensive and oppressive that a delightful book by two talented people be censored, especially for such frivolous reasons. No
313 SusanStan   NO
314 EricaSilverman   No
315 ClayCarmichael   No, I'm an author
316 BridgetWhelan This is ridiculous. No
317 KatharineWright   No
318 MegSmith   No
319 GabrielleHalko As a PA taxpayer, parent, and teacher, I would like to remind this school board that while parents have the right to decide what THEIR children read, they have NO right to dictate what MY children read -- or have access to at public school libraries.  
320 CarolineJones   No
321 DeborahDavis It's unfortunate that some parents and school board members consider the human body to be such a shameful thing. No
322 ElizabethKabalka It's a sweet and funny book! No
323 TraciAuman   Yes
324 VirginiaLowe Dirty Cowboy is good clean fun - and there is nothing obscene about pictures of the naked body, especially when the pictures cover most 'offensive' bits, as here. NO
325 ClaraShweffer   no
326 CindyHaines Where does it stop. The following books have been banned in schools: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The Catcher in the Rye To Kill a Mockingbird Bridge to Terabithia The Lord of the Flies Of Mice and Men The Color Purple No-I am in Palmyra. If this can happen in a neighboring district, it can happen anywhere
327 kaesolomon I am a teacher librarian and read this book to several classes (k-7) and told them about the controversy. They had a good laugh, esp as we never actually see the complete bare bum. Glad the controversy has brought the book to my attn as a good discussion no
328 JoannaMarple I see no grounds whatsoever for banning this great picture book No
329 SandyBeach   No
330 DianaEnglish Seriously?! This is one of our all time favorite books. Our whole family is totally enamored- from the four year old, through the nine year old, and on up to their parents. NO
331 BethShaum   no
332 DelphineSagar    
333 RhondaMcCormack   NO
334 michellemaiers You can stop your child from reading this book if you don't approve of the content, but it is not your right to make that decision for anyone else's child. no
335 rosemarybaylor   yes to all three
336 BrendaLong My husband, and both children are graduates of Annville-Cleona H.S. This decision of the school board is utterly ridiculous!!!!! It is an embarrassment to our community that one parent can control an entire school board! Yes
337 MadelaineGray I am astounded/dumbfounded that the Board has TWICE voted to remove this book, even after receiving a deluge of objections and rationale from many people, educational experts and organizations. Hopefully the community will vote in the next election. No